Help Promoting


We are happy to give quick or detailed demos of your Resources & Tools site. This could be for your board/council, staff members, partners, potential sponsors, or groups of businesses. There is no cost for demos. Just contact Kay Reynolds (

Local Flyers

We provide all our clients with a local flyer about their Resources, customized to match the client's homepage. Here are a few examples. We don’t charge for the electronic versions of these flyers. If you want us to print them for you, will make arrangements with our printer with no markup.

  • Use the backside to promote your partners. Chances are they will hand the flyers out as well.
  • Hand them out at events, meetings, and trainings.
  • Keep a pile at your front desk.
  • Give copies to your board, the chamber, the SBDC, SCORE, the WIB, and others.
  • Don't forget your local libraries.
  • Ask the City to send flyers out with business license applications and renewals.
  • Ask your utilities to include them once a year with local bills.

Flyers for Special Groups and Industries

We continue to significantly expand the resources for these industries and groups. We also provide each of these flyers to every client, again customized for their website. Our next focus will be on Home-based Businesses and possibly on Businesses for Seniors. We are open to suggestions about your priorities.

Business Cards, Posters, and Banners


Reaching Your Businesses

Guide to Collection of Ideas