Help Promoting


We are happy to give quick or detailed demos of your Resources & Tools site. This could be for your board/council, staff members, partners, potential sponsors, or groups of businesses. There is no cost for demos. Just contact Kay Reynolds (

Reaching Your Businesses

Guide to Collection of Ideas

Local Flyers

We have a new flyer and we can provide the original Tools flyers as well. Here are a few examples. We don’t charge for the electronic versions of these flyers. If you want us to print them for you, will make arrangements with our printer with no markup.

  • Use the backside to promote your partners. Chances are they will hand the flyers out as well.
  • Hand them out at events, meetings, and trainings.
  • Keep a pile at your front desk.
  • Give copies to your board, the chamber, the SBDC, SCORE, the WIB, and others.
  • Don't forget your local libraries.
  • Ask the City to send flyers out with business license applications and renewals.
  • Ask your utilities to include them once a year with local bills.

Business Cards, Posters, and Banners